Bob Graham

The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Extended Bob Graham Rounds

“Each attempt is a personal challenge and a private celebration. The choice of tops is a matter for each individual”
42 Peaks booklet

There are a number of other Rounds undertaken, often by existing members of the Club, which have sought to extend the basic 42 peak Round. These Rounds have developed separately to the Lake District 24 Hour Fell Record, which is dealt with elsewhere.

As Bob Graham chose to climb 42 peaks at the age of 42, so a number of these extended Rounds have been based on the same principle; hence 50 peaks at 50, 55 peaks at 55 and 60 peaks at 60.

The Club has shied away from setting down criteria for the selection of extra peaks for these extended Rounds and that decision was most recently reaffirmed in May 2009.

For these extended Rounds, the choice of extra peaks beyond the basic 42 is a matter for the individual.

Those who complete a successful extended Round within 24 hours are encouraged to notify the Membership Secretary of their success and to include a report and schedule of their endeavour.

If an extended Round should be a contender’s first Round, this will need to have been registered in the usual manner to be used for ratification for membership of the Club.