Bob Graham

The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Missing Data

The table below lists the members for whom we have missing information. If you are one of these or know of any of them please get in touch with the Membership Secretary (Bob Wightman) by email (see the Contacts page) so that we might “fill in the blanks”.

The data we store is as follows:

The letters in the columns have the following meanings:

An ‘R’ means we are missing some data about their round such as how long it took, when they finished, etc.

A ‘P’ means we are missing information about their pacers.

An ‘A’ means we don’t know the age of that member on the day they did their round. Some versions of the paper ratification form asked for date of birth which some might not have wished to divulge.

A ‘D’ means we have been told that the person has died but do not know the year.

The ones we are really interested in are highlighted like this.

There’s currently names in the list, let’s see if we can get that to zero!