Bob Graham

The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Men's summer record held by Jack Kuenzle

Date of Round: 2nd September 2022

Time for Round: 12hrs 23 minutes

Direction taken: Clockwise

Age on day of round: 26

TopTimeCumulative Time
Moot Hall00hrs 0mins
Skiddaw530hrs 53mins
Great Calva241hr 17mins
Blencathra391hr 56mins
Threlkeld (arr)172hrs 13mins
Leg 1 total2hrs 13mins
Threlkeld (dep)02hrs 13mins
Clough Head312hrs 44mins
Great Dodd173hrs 1min
Watson's Dodd53hrs 6mins
Stybarrow Dodd63hrs 12mins
Raise93hrs 21mins
White Side53hrs 26mins
Helvellyn Lower Man83hrs 34mins
Helvellyn43hrs 38mins
Nethermost Pike53hrs 43mins
Dollywaggon Pike73hrs 50mins
Fairfield234hrs 13mins
Seat Sandal134hrs 26mins
Dunmail Raise (arr)104hrs 36mins
Leg 2 total2hrs 23mins
Dunmail Raise (dep)04hrs 36mins
Steel Fell164hrs 52mins
Calf Crag125hrs 4mins
Sergeant Man205hrs 24mins
High Raise55hrs 29mins
Thunacar Knott95hrs 38mins
Harrison Stickle45hrs 42mins
Pike o' Stickle85hrs 50mins
Rossett Pike256hrs 15mins
Bowfell176hrs 32mins
Esk Pike126hrs 44mins
Great End136hrs 57mins
Ill Crag87hrs 5mins
Broad Crag67hrs 11mins
Scafell Pike77hrs 18mins
Scafell157hrs 33mins
Wasdale (arr)207hrs 53mins
Leg 3 total3hrs 17mins
Wasdale (dep)07hrs 53mins
Yewbarrow328hrs 25mins
Red Pike308hrs 55mins
Steeple119hrs 6mins
Pillar209hrs 26mins
Kirk Fell289hrs 54mins
Great Gable2310hrs 17mins
Green Gable710hrs 24mins
Brandreth810hrs 32mins
Grey Knotts410hrs 36mins
Honister (arr)810hrs 44mins
Leg 4 total2hrs 51mins
Honister (dep)010hrs 44mins
Dale Head2111hrs 5mins
Hindscarth1011hrs 15mins
Robinson1411hrs 29mins
Moot Hall5412hrs 23mins
Leg 5 total1hr 39mins