Bob Graham

The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Sources of Information

A small but select choice from the available information.


42 Peaks - The Story of the Bob Graham Round Stud Marks on the Summits Feet in the Clouds

42 Peaks - The Story of the Bob Graham Round - Revised Edition 2021 - Peter McDonald. Available from various fell running retailers. See the Club's Guidance Notes for details.

Stud Marks on the Summits - 1985 - Bill Smith - Various Chapters in Part Three. Out of print and quite rare.

Feet in the Clouds - 2004 - Richard Askwith. Also available in paperback.

Websites, Mike Sadula's site archived by the Bob Graham 24 Hour Club, Bob Wightman's site, Pete McDonald's site (created by Mike Sadula, BGC member no. 583, now archived by the Bob Graham 24 Hour Club)

Bob Wightman's web pages (BGC member no. 1248)

Pete McDonald's web pages (Author of the 42 Peaks booklet)

In addition there is quite a lot of discussion of Round attempts on the FRA forums.


History and Records of Noteable Fell Walks 1864-1972 within the Lake District with supplements for 1973-74, 1975-76 and 1977-78. Fred Rogerson produced 100 copies of this monumental work: doubtless a few still exist! The Club has 2 copies on disc to secure the work for the future in case all the hard copies are lost or destroyed. The Chairman has one of those, and the Secretary has a hard copy. If anyone wishes to consult this amazing historical record, you can contact either of us.