The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Winter Rounds

Recent years have seen an increase in those interested in achieving a Bob Graham Round in winter. What constitutes "winter" is an interesting debate and one that has consumed much email traffic on the FRA Forum and produced much hot air in the pubs of Lakeland and elsewhere.

Those people wishing to undertake a winter round (members or non-members) often seek guidance from the Club as to the "rules" which apply. The short answer is that the only rules that the Club has are those contained in its Guidance Notes available elsewhere on this site which apply equally to winter rounds. It goes without saying that the level of all things required to achieve a summer round is greatly magnified for winter rounding.

Winter rounds were discussed most recently by the BG Club committee at its meeting in May 2008. It seems appropriate to produce some guidance on what the Club accepts as a winter round. One of the main functions of the Club is to monitor and record attempts, so it is right that it should do its best to set out the parameters of that record-keeping.

The Club perceives that there are 2 distinct types of winter Bob Graham Round which are:

  • the "Mid-winter" round which, taking its inspiration from the earliest attempts on a winter round by Pete Simpson and Martin Stone in the early 1980s, is attempted at any time from the weekend before the shortest day through to the first period of decent weather after the shortest day but to be completed no later than 10 January; and
  • the "Winter" round, which is a round not falling within the definition set out above, attempted during the period starting on 1 December and finishing on 1 March.

Even this distinction is artificial, because conditions on the shortest day could be quite benign, whilst full winter conditions could well be experienced at any time before or after within the wider definition of "winter". Ultimately, though, if records are to be kept, someone has to set parameters to keep them by. The Club is persuaded by the view of the early winter pioneers that the challenge represented by maximum hours of darkness puts the "Mid-winter" round into a category of its own.

For those motivated to attempt a winter round, the distinction drawn above will either be relevant or important to them, or it won't be. That will be up to them.

Whatever the motivation, completing a successful winter Bob Graham Round is a fabulous experience and achievement and those who have done so should rightly be saluted. Those who have completed a Mid-winter or a Winter round for which the Club has details are recorded in the list set out below.

If the list is in any way incomplete or incorrect, please send any additions or corrections to the Membership Secretary by email or by post (see the Contacts page).

YearDateContender(BGC number)TimeDirectionNotesMid-winter MW
or winter W
198613/14 DecemberJohn Brockbank (324)23:06Clockwise MW
198613/14 DecemberSelwyn Wright (170)23:06Clockwise MW
198622/23 DecemberSteve Parr (203)23:26ClockwiseSteve disappeared on a trip to the Himalaya in 1988 or thereaboutsMW
19877/8 JanuaryMartin Stone (108)23:41ClockwiseSolo and unsupportedMW
19899/10 DecemberMartin Scrowson (654)22:08 First roundW
19899/10 DecemberBarry Laycock (571)22:08  W
199327/28 NovemberAlison Crabb (842)23:51 First lady to complete a winter round. Summer and winter rounds in the same yearW
199919/20 DecemberScott Umpleby (693)22:48  MW
199919/20 DecemberBrian Meakin (1139)22:48 First roundMW
20001/2 JanuaryNicky Lavery (445)22:45  MW
200517 DecemberJohn Fleetwood (1088)23:53AnticlockwiseNo snow, heavy frost, -4 degrees C, icy rocks making descent of Broad Stand impossible.MW
2006FebruaryMike Robinson (1182)23:30Clockwise W
200720/21 DecemberAlex Pilkington (1379)23:09ClockwiseMainly soloMW
200722/23 DecemberSimon Halliday (1334)23:56AnticlockwiseSummer and winter rounds in the same yearMW
200816 FebruarySimon Waller (1383)22:47ClockwiseFirst roundW
200816 FebruaryGarry Beardwood (1384)23:00ClockwiseFirst roundW
200816 FebruaryPaul Jackson (1385)23:53ClockwiseFirst roundW
200820/21 DecemberEddie Winslow (1461)23:56ClockwiseFirst round. Intermittent gale force winds on leg 1. Leg 2 gale force winds until 5.00 am. Then calm and clear. Temp dropped in evening, windy again after Gable. Bad conditions leg 5. A few patches of snow. Used Lord's Rake.MW
20111/2 JanJon Morgan (1618)23:20ClockwiseDid it with Steve Watts.MW
20111/2 JanSteve Watts (1240)23:20ClockwiseDid it with Jon Morgan.MW
201121/22 JanIain Taylor (1619)22:44AnticlockwiseThe third fastest winter time to date.W
201121/22 JanJason Hubert (1620)23:04AnticlockwiseW
20117/8 FebTom Phillips (1552)23:19ClockwiseLight snow cover.W
201128 Feb/1 MarJim Mann(1617)20:39ClockwiseGood weather with clear sky - very cold at night but good visibility. Solo for leg 2 at night.W
201122/23 DecAndrew Graham (1427)23:35ClockwisePoor visibility, extensive snow cover often deep.MW
201122/23 DecMike Park(1458)23:57ClockwisePoor visibility, extensive snow cover often deep.MW
20127/8 JanDave Ward (1711)23:02 ClockwiseHadn’t done a summer round before.MW
20134/5 JanJules Coleman (1630)22:42 ClockwiseDamp with melting snow on the ground and strong winds.MW
20131 DecJim Mann (1617)18:18 ClockwiseHis second winter round and the fastest winter round to date.W
201419/20 DecTom Hollins (1750)23:52 ClockwiseStrong winds with showers. Excellent conditions underfoot. Snow only on higher ground.MW
20168/9 JanMario Yeomans (1977)23:37 ClockwiseFirst roundMW
20168/9 JanMick Allen (1978)23:37 ClockwiseFirst roundMW
20168/9 JanPaul Johnson (1915)23:37 ClockwiseSome deep snow in places, misty with increasing wind and rain/sleet.MW
201622/23 JanRicky Lightfoot (1979)21:10 ClockwiseFirst roundW
201613 FebJasmin Paris22:08ClockwiseFirst round.W
201613 FebKonrad Pawlik22:08ClockwiseFirst roundW
201616/17 DecTim Ripper (1872)21:26ClockwiseSolo on first three legs. Very mild.W
20176/7 JanAndrew Berry (2003)18:41ClockwiseClaggy damp weather overnight, claggy but dry in the day. Never below freezing. No snow.W
201715/16 DecMatt Reedy (2120)23:10ClockwiseHadn’t done a summer round before.W
201716 DecKim Collison (1436)20:36ClockwiseThere was a good layer of snow above 300m with plenty of soft deep snow.W
201821/22 DecSabrina Verjee (2259)21:49ClockwiseFirst round and also the fastest women's winter round to date..MW
201821/22 DecSam Hill (1958)20:54ClockwiseCold wind with heavy rain and hail showers clearing to be mostly dry later, pretty much in the cloud all the way around. There was no snow to speak of.MW
201821/22 DecRob Brown (1959)20:54ClockwiseCold wind with heavy rain and hail showers clearing to be mostly dry later, pretty much in the cloud all the way around. There was no snow to speak of.MW
20195 JanTom Gibbs 20:50ClockwiseFirst round.MW
201922/23 FebRobert Crawford (2022)22:50ClockwiseW