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The Bob Graham Club's role is to promote safe long distance traverses of the fells and its main activity is the administration of the Round itself. Applicants should register with the Membership Secretary, Bob Wightman, (using the form below) before an attempt and must be accompanied at every summit for verification purposes. See the ratification page for what information is required to verify your round

The Club's Guidance Notes

Bob Graham, centre and two of his pacers at Dunmail Raise

Attempts on the Bob Graham Round are a private matter for the individual or individuals who wishes or wish to take up the challenge. The Club's role is to provide information, encouragement and advice and to record all registered attempts.

Since the formation of the Club in 1971, membership has grown. There are many people 'out there' with experience of the Bob Graham Round, whether doing the Round itself, pacing, supporting on the day or organizing and logistics, many within those athletic clubs with a core of members who have their 'Feet in the Clouds'. The Sources page will point you to some of the places to get further help and guidance.

The Club's Guidance Notes are short and to the point and cover only the essentials. Please read those Notes and observe both the letter of them and their spirit. They may be downloaded from the link below. The rest is up to you ...

Click here to download the Guidance Notes - PDF Document (revised Feb 2018)

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  • If you are already a club member then there is no need to register for subsequent attempts.
  • If you have already registered for this year but wish to change details about your attempt then please contact the membership secretary via email.
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If you continue to have problems then please contact the Membership Secretary, Bob Wightman, using the email address on the contacts page.

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