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The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Members’ Information

For many years the ‘42 Peaks’ book contained a list of members of the Club. With the rapid growth in membership, the additional costs and logistics of this exercise became prohibitive. A website provides the opportunity to make the full list along with details about each member and their round available in ways not achievable in print. See here on how the data lists behind this and the records page came about.

Membership List

The list is updated annually around New Year adding the successful completions from the previous year. The current Members list is to end of 2023. Note that all the lists and data on this site are generated from the same source so if one is wrong then others will be as well. Missing data has its own page. Apologies if there are any errors, please send corrections to the Membership Secretary (Bob Wightman) by email (see the Contacts page).

You may enter a year in the following input box to see the successes for that year, last year (2023) is the latest available. Entering just three digits in the year field, i.e. “198” will give you that decade’s worth of successes which could be a lot! If you wish to find details of a particular member start typing their family name in the second box, a minimum of three characters is needed but doesn’t need to be the first three. This works with or without a year being selected. You may also type a club name, again minimum of three characters, in the lower box. Note that the club is the one that was given on the ratification form, someone may have moved clubs since then. Those with missing info are highlighted like this, more info at the missing data page.

The name field can filter for text at the start or end of a name:

For the various fastest/oldest/youngest lists please see the records page.

Filtering for names in this table will also populate the “Supporter” table further down this page with data relating to how those members supported other successful rounds.

If you click on an individual's membership number you will go to a page listing more data about them.

If you are a club secretary or have a website and wish to embed similar data in your website then there is now an API allowing you to use the same data as the above lists. Please see this page for further information.


It’s a club tradition for existing members to support prospective new members. The following table shows those who’ve been most prolific in their assistance. The table records assistance where the following criteria are met:

This data isn’t complete at the moment, there’s those members listed on the missing data page to be added. Note that the total column is not a sum of the individual legs but the total number of contenders they’ve helped. This is complicated by a couple of scenarios, someone:

If the data has been updated prior to this year’s successes being assigned a membership number then the total won’t neccessarily align with the membership numbers in the Assists column.

Non-members must have helped on at least five occasions to be included in the data, there’s a huge number of family members helping on just their son’s or daughter’s round for example, but equally there are a considerable number of non-members who have helped multiple contenders such as Associate Members who are indicated by “AM”.

To search the table of supporters do one of the following:

The “assists” column shows the membership numbers of the first and last members they have helped. The “Range” column is the number of years they have helped for and the “delay” column is the number of years before or after their own round that they first helped another member - “0” meaning the same year, “-1” meaning the year before, etc..

Note that “delay” isn’t applicable for non-members.

Winter Rounds

While winter Rounds have their own page and discussion, here is a link to the current list of successes (This list is to end of 2023).

Associate Members

The Club has a second category of member, associate member. This is awarded by the BG Club committee to individuals, nominated by either a member of the committee or a member of the Club, who have never completed the Bob Graham Round but who have contributed in some singular manner in assisting with attempts on the Round or variations of it, or to the affairs of the Club, over a period of time. Services above and beyond the call of duty in other words; a list of very special people.

List of Associate Members, this version to end of 2022

Address/Contact Details

Whilst communications by the Club to members are only infrequent, it is a great help for the Club to have up to date address/contact information for members.

Occasionally we discover that some members have moved house, do not wish to receive further communication or, sadly, have passed away. We do what we can to keep our membership data current but we do need your help. If your name or address details change, please do let us know by emailing the Club Secretary (Angela Wilson), whose details are set out in the Contacts page. Note that we no longer ask new members for a physical address, we do everything electronically these days, so an email address is preferable.

Website Information

We try to ensure that everything is accurate but we are human and mistakes get made. If you should spot any errors or inaccuracies in the information available on this site, please let the Club know by emailing either the Club Secretary (Angela Wilson) or Membership Secretary (Bob Wightman), whose details are set out on the Contacts page. Please add “BGR” to the email subject line to help highlight the mail.


In addition to the above we have a policy document to cover our obligations under the GDPR legislation. The document outlines our reasons for holding the minimal amount of data about members that we do.